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The New York State Builders Association
Voice of the Building Industry in New York State
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New York is the only state in the nation that holds contractors completely responsible for any fall-related injury at the work site, even if a worker is drunk, on drugs or not wearing safety equipment he or she was instructed and trained to wear. When a worker falls, the contractor has to pay – no matter what.

NYSBA believes that any worker legitimately injured on the job due to negligence on the part of the builder, contractor or owner should be compensated accordingly but the current law does not provide a fair playing field for a builder that is facing a liability lawsuit. This increased risk has increased the cost of general liability insurance between 300%-600%, reduced coverage and driven insurance carriers and builders out of the state.

NYSBA will continue to work with like-minded organizations to build support for legislation that introduces "comparative negligence" to the argument, which will give builders a fair shake and dramatically reform New York's outdated, job-killing Labor Law 240/241. That is why NYSBA supports S. 111(Gallivan) / A.3104 (Morrelle).