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The New York Green Residential Building Program was first made available on September 23, 2010. It was the second such program offered by a state to provide direct incentives to building owners of certified green buildings, and NYSBA was instrumental in its implementation.

In the 2012 annual report on the New York Green Residential Building Program NYSERDA stated "The program is an important addition to NYSERDA's suite of residential building energy efficiency programs. . ."

Residential buildings account for 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and 74% of the water use along with 21% of the energy consumption. Green buildings reduce greenhouse gases, lower energy costs and reduce the use of natural resources. Other benefits of green building are reduction of waste, improved indoor air quality and reduction of both indoor and outdoor pollution. The median size of homes in the program was approximately 2140 square feet, which is below the national average of 2400 square feet.

New York State's construction starts remain significantly below the number of starts prior to financial crisis of 2008 and the bursting of the housing bubble. Buyers of housing remain cautious and cost conscious. Green building features are not as attractive without financial incentives. The cost of green building using the high standards and specifications under this program do not provide the buyer with sufficient financial return on their investment. This program provides an incentive, which is critical to marketing a highly rated green residential building. That is why NYSBA supports S.3977 (Maziarz) / A. 6777 (Paulin).