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Hall of Fame 2001

John is recognized for his leadership roles in the Builders Association of the Hudson Valley, at NYSBA and NYSBA’s Legal Defense Fund. Under his direction, the Legal Defense Fund has taken cases before the courts in New York that demonstrate the inequities our industry faces and seeks remedies for the betterment of builders throughout the state. John’s relentless efforts have made an impact in the industry throughout the State. The building industry is stronger today because of John’s commitment
Benjamin became a well-established developer in Schenectady, where he transformed the town of Niskayuna into a prosperous suburb. He served NYSBA and the Schenectady Builders and Remodelers Association as a recognized leader in the housing industry. He was looked to for guidance and leadership for his expertise, something he was always willing to share. He devoted more than 60 years to the building industry serving as an inspiration to many.
Victor is a true pioneer for the building industry, achieving the status of Senior National Life Director of the National Association of Home Builders. With his understanding of federally assisted housing, he guided his company into a leadership position in the development of low and moderate-income housing. Because of his participation and excellent relationship with the NYS Urban Development Corp, he was responsible for certain property management guidelines that are still used today. Victor has served the housing industry for over 60 years. Victor is an icon in the industry having attended every NAHB meeting since its inception.