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NAHB estimates the total industry benefit of the federation's 2013 advocacy victories was $5.724 billion.

NAHB services and advocacy victories saved the typical builder member roughly $6,200 per housing start in 2013 ($5,724 billion / 923,000 housing starts = $6,200). This is just a simple metric to provide a sense of scale.

The victories include issues that affected one-or more segments of NAHB’s membership:

  • single-family builders
  • multifamily developers
  • remodelers, and associate members

For more details on NAHB services and advocacy victories visit www.valueofnahb.org.

Improvements to mortgage qualifying rules (including ORM) saved 7,400 new-home sales. Extension of tax code section 25C tax credit generated 260,000 remodeling projects. Trade ruling prevented tariffs/fees from being imposed, saved members 70% on imported hardwood plywood.
NAHB Member Advantage program saved members a collective $7.2 million in discounts. Extension of fixed 9% LlHTC credit provided 17% boost in equity for affordable housing developers.

Free legal advice from NAHB attorneys saved 900 members an average of $500 each. Reinstating tax code section 45L tax credit saved $2,000 on some energy-efficient homes.

There are many ways to calculate an estimate of the benefits of membership. The numbers above are averages, and some members will experience more of these benefits than others, depending on location, business volume and the aspect of the industry in which they work. And while there are many ways to parse the numbers, the key point is that NAHB's programs and advocacy efforts deliver significant value for the membership.

For more information about how to take advantage of NAHB and its programs and services, visit www.valueofnahb.org.